2S Swimming

2S have made massive improvements in Swimming. This half term we have focused on:

  • Jumping in the pool
  • Swivelling in the pool
  • Floating in a star shape on our front and back
  • Pushing and gliding from the wall
  • Travelling on our front and back for 5m

There has also been personalised learning for those children who can already swim without armbands!

Miss Smith is very proud and has loved to watch your confidence grow each week. Have a look at what we have been up to!

What have you enjoyed most about your swimming lessons?
Can you tell me how you have made progress?

5 thoughts on “2S Swimming

  1. Oh Yes 2D can do even better than 2S it is not fair now 2D will be sad and upset 2D can be 2S because 2D no’s every hard multiplication even better and easier than 2S

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