2S went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

What an absolutely fantastic day we have had! We have had so much fun and learnt lots. Our trip fitted in so well with our Science unit ‘What’s in your habitat?’ and our Topic unit ‘Around the world’. It was fantastic to hear the children using their knowledge from school to talk about the animals and also asking new, thoughtful questions. All children behaved brilliant and proved what superstars we are at Broad Heath!

Have a little look at what we got up to…




Pick one of the animals which we saw at the zoo today.

1. Can you find out which country they live in? What is the weather like there?

2. Can you find out what their habitat is like?

3. Can you find out what they eat? Are they a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

9 thoughts on “2S went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

  1. I liked it because it was fun at the zoo.
    We sawlots of animals at the zoo.
    It was fum when we got to pat the goats.
    I liked the ice cream to.

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