2W- Blogger and Citizen of The Week

Abdul you are trying really hard and we really appreciate the support you are having from home. We hope you continue to learn and gain.

Marwah you do every task with an amazing smile on your face. Inspite of moving home you have not let that get in the way of your learning. Keep it up!

7 responses to “2W- Blogger and Citizen of The Week”

  1. Abdul S.

    Thank you

  2. Tobi H.

    Well done

  3. Marwah K.


  4. Nma M.

    Well done Marwah and Abdul!

  5. Hudayfa A.

    Well done Mariah 👏

  6. Hudayfa A.

    Well done Abdul 👏

  7. Zoe E.

    Well done

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