2W English 22.05.20 Possessive Apostrophe

Yesterday we learnt to use apostrophes for contraction (shortening 2 words to make one word e.g. didn’t).

Today we are learning about a different way to use the apostrophe. You should remember this from our lessons earlier in the year. An apostrophe can be used to show that one thing belongs to something. This is called a possessive apostrophe .

Your work has been set on Education City. The game is called ‘Possessive Obsession’. You will find it in the homework.

Once you finish, can you write some sentences on the blog using the possessive apostrophe?

E.g. Miss Smith’s fluffy, grey cat is very lazy.

23 thoughts on “2W English 22.05.20 Possessive Apostrophe

  1. My sister’s doll is fun to play with.
    Serina’s teddy is funny .
    Ryan’s new bike is black
    My neighbour ‘s big, fluffy cat always comes in our garden.
    My dad’s car is very shiny and clean.

  2. I have scored 100% in my education city.
    The cat’s tail is fluffy.
    Robert’s shoes are dirty.
    Amy’s bicycle is broken.
    The children’s toy is in the toy box.
    The cat’s whiskers are long.
    Amy’s car is shiny.

  3. I scored 100% in my education city.
    1)My cat’s ran away.
    2)My teacher’s are very helpful.
    3)My toy’s were on the floor.
    4)The child’s bag was hidden by one of his class members.
    5)My sister’s couldn’t find their reading books.

  4. My score was 83
    Miss Smith’s cat is so lazy.What
    My dad’s car is so dirty today.
    My sister’s iPad is so special to her.
    My baby sister love’s to wach this channle with dolls.
    This is Amy’s car .
    Robert’s showes are dirty.
    The cat’s wisckers are long.
    The children’s toys are in the toy box.

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