2W I am a data handler

To plan a tree diagram

Can you remember what a tree diagram is? Let’s remind ourselves.

A tree diagram starts with one thing. This one starts with ‘all things‘. Then on the next line, it splits into 2 sections – living and non-living. then, living is split into animals and plants. Finally, animals is split into 4 sections on the last line.

Mr Fox would dearly love a catapult to protect himself from the pesky farmers! We are going to create a tree diagram to identify the materials needed to make one.

What materials do you think would be best to make a catapult?
Explain your choice. What properties to these materials have?

Use your science learning to answer these questions.

In your homework books, create a tree diagram to identify the materials to make a catapult that Mr Fox can use to protect himself from the farmers. Next week, you will need your diagram so keep it safe! Below is an example – you could use the properties to help you choose the materials.

Here is some of the scientific language that might help you.

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    • Hi Umayah. Have a look at the diagram above. If you were going to make a catapult for Mr Fox, what materials would you use? Think about the handle of the catapult(the smaller branch) Is the material rigid? Is it strong? Wood would be suitable. Think of a material that is rigid but not strong – glass? It could break so it is not suitable. Have a go at following the small branch using my suggestions and see if it is a bit clearer.

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