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2W Journey to a Prehistoric Land DAY 3

Today our journey took a creative twist! We firstly went outside to collect natural objects. What does natural mean? Then we worked in teams to use our natural objects to make a delicious meal for the duck-billed dinosaur! After that we used observation skills to sketch the objects looking closely at shape, colour and texture. The work was simply fantastic!

Next we read the story of Mary Anning. Can you explain why she is famous?

Later, our journey moved outside as it was time to watch our volcanoes erupt! We used coke and mentos and we LOVED the reaction!

Last but not least, we were set the challenge to create a raft to help the Tyrannosaurus Rex cross the river to eat the duck-billed dinosaur!! We worked in teams and tomorrow we will test them on the water…

How have you gained today?

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