2W Life cycle of a frog

To help prepare us for writing our explanation texts this week, we have been verbally explaining the life cycle of a frog. We are trying so hard to use technical vocabulary!

Now can you have a go at writing about the life cycle of a frog? Try to use a sub-heading for each stage, lots of technical vocabulary and conjunctions too.

3 thoughts on “2W Life cycle of a frog

  1. The adult frog lay their frogspawn on a pond and all the mommy frogs lay there frogspawn in the same time.frogspawn have a embryo and a jelly to protect them then they slowly turn to a tadpole and have a tail only water insects then they slowly turn to a froglet and there tail gets smaller and smaller then they develop legs and hands then they turn to a adult frog then they eat insects and fly’s and it repeats

  2. Frogspawn
    The adult frogs lay there eggs in calm water and when they die they turn opaque.
    When the tadpoles comes out of the jelly they eat the jelly and they grow teeth.
    When they are froglets they grow gills.They grow legs ,body and arms.
    Adult frog
    When they are adult frogs they lose there tail and they grow lungs.They eat insects.

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