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2W Old Town Rubbish

The moment you have all been waiting for… I introduce to you 2White’s first hit single ‘Old Town Rubbish’…

This music video was inspired by a walk around our local area of Foleshill. We were not impressed! We do not want our area to let us down, particularly as we are the City of Culture! 2White are determined to make a DIFFERENCE!

Well done to Lawy who came up with the fantastic idea to create this song! Well done to Luxor for his choreography! Well done to ALL of the children in 2White for creating the lyrics and singing the song. Just brilliant!

8 thoughts on “2W Old Town Rubbish

  1. I absolutely love this song we made up. We’ve had so much fun and its really nice to see the children have taken ownership of it. The message really gets across about keeping our school and local area clean and tidy.

  2. Wow Year 2 that was a really good song and I promise to always throw my Rubbish in the bin.Make sure you try really hard in year 3. I know you will love it.I will really miss broad heath.I can’t wait until I come back.

    See you broadheath.


  3. it was so much fun i wish it was still the same day i dont want to leave year 2 beacuse are teachers mrs walker and miss smith always make fun learning for us but i think are teacher in year 3 mite be fun aswel.


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