2W Our future is bright!

Another super week of learning in 2White!

In English, we acted out the story of Hansel and Gretel in preparation for writing. The work the children produced following this was outstanding! Keep up the good work!!!

Retaj and her mum produced this fabulous gingerbread house at home. This is certainly going above and beyond! Isn’t it spectacular?

In Science we were investigating the best material for Little Red Riding Hood’s cape. Here are the Butterflies to tell you a little more…

In Topic we were inspired by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and we were challenged to make our own bridges. We used our teamwork and communication skills which meant great results. Miss Smith didn’t provide ANY help! Your independence made me proud.

In Art, we began to look at sketching our faces in proportion. What super first attempts! I can’t wait to see the progress next week!

Finally, in Maths we were learning to solve money problems including giving change. This is a really important skill we will need in real life!


What did you gain from this week? What skills did you use? How have you made progress? What have you learnt?

6 thoughts on “2W Our future is bright!

  1. I used teamwork to make our bridges and my group helped me.
    I enjoyed acting Hansel and Gretel.
    I really would like to make one of the gingerbread house.

  2. I really enjoyed both acting and writing about Hansel and Gretal , I loved using my imagination using different actions.I loved working and helping and listening with my team to build the build the bridge. we were creative and followed instructions to make the bridge.We learnt how to buy things and how to give the right change.

  3. We have gained by making our own bridge using teamwork and making a poporsion.The skills that I used is teamwork , resilience and doubling.I made pogress by building a bridge.I have learnt about Brunel and Goerge stepheson and their job was a engernier.

  4. The gingerbread house produced at home was EXCELLENT! Loving all the different sorts of learning and how this is impacting on the fabulous learning we are experiencing. Your work, books and attitude are FANTASTIC! BRICK!

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