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2W School Councillors

This week, we had our election for the 2019-2020 school councillors. First, all of the candidates had to explain why they would make a great school councillor. Then the children had the chance to vote for one boy and one girl. The results were SO close that we had to then vote between the winners. A huge well done to our runners up – Ali, Umama & Rishika. You are obviously all fantastic citizens and will continue to represent 2W brilliantly. I am certain you will be school councillors in future years.

However, finally, we reached our decision – the wonderful Hasbia & Aran!

Here is a short word from our councillors…

Now 2White, can you tell everybody what makes Hasbia and Aran super Broad Heath citizens? Why do you think they are the perfect role models to represent our class?

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