2W scientific vocabulary

In Science, we have been learning new vocabulary to describe the properties of materials. We will then use these words in our investigations. Here are the Caterpillars to tell you what they have learnt…

Have a look around your house. Choose an object, tell me what it is made of and describe the properties.

Try to use some of these words: absorbent, waterproof, opaque, transparent, translucent, weak, strong, hard, soft, rigid, flexible.

17 thoughts on “2W scientific vocabulary

  1. Window-The window is transparent,waterproof,rigid and strong.

    Paper clip-The paper clip is flexible not rigid and bendy.So can be coulourful as well.

    • Sorry I wanted to add some more writing in .
      Window – The window is transparent, strong,waterproof and when you throw something hard at it could break and your parents will find out.

      Paper clip – The paper clip is flexible, bendy,strong .They come in different colours some times.

      Boots – My boots are opaque,waterproof and very stiff to rip.

  2. I have paper at home and it is weak and it is a little bit flexible to.The propties of the paper is weak and flexible.My unbrella and boots are waterproof.The propities of my unbrella and boots are waterproof and my boots are opaque.My bag is made out of fabric.The propitie of my bag is soft.I have a table and chair room.The propities of my chair and table are hard and strong.I have a shelf up stiars.The propities of my shelf is strong.The bed is strong.The ptopities of my bed is hard and for my blancit it is soft and very furry.

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