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2W Well-being Day

Well, what a fantastic day we have had! We always love our well-being days as they bring so much happiness and joy. Today the children experienced a range of different learning opportunities and each and every one made us feel GOOD!

First we went for a swim. We developed our floating and swimming skills before having a party with the disco lights!

Next we experienced a real rock concert! It was very loud but we had great fun dancing around. The smiles were infectious!

After this we learnt about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and explored brushing some gigantic teeth!

Later we had some running races and learnt the value of good sportsmanship. We all shook hands after our races and nobody mocked others for their performances. There was a great buzz to the session and there proved to be some extremely speedy children in the class! Miss Smith was NOT one of those children but we understand that we should all focus on improving our own personal best.

In the afternoon we were very lucky to ALL get a chance to meet our therapy dogs, Lulu, Milo and Holly. We wrote our own questions to ask their owner, Gerard, and we learnt lots! Many children had never stroked a dog before and felt a little nervous. However they were so caring towards the animals and overcame their fears immediately! You are all so brave! I’m proud!

We ended the day by learning the importance of sleep. We also had a go at some fun yoga which we were brilliant at!

Please watch the video below to see what we got up to!

Which activity made you feel REALLY GOOD?

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  1. Love the well being days! We have had so much fun today. The children have enjoyed all aspect of today’s well being but I am particular proud of all the children in year 2 and seeing how much progress their making with their swimming. Your confidence is really coming through and your all enjoy your swimming lessons.

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