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2White Amazing Amir

Friday was Amir’s last day at Broad Heath and we could not have been prouder. Just look at this fantastic piece of independent writing he produced! It has capital letters, full stops and even a conjunction. At the beginning of year 2 Amir struggled to write but he did NOT give up. This is what hard work and determination looks like!

Amir’s progress has been phenomenal and we will all miss him lots! Good luck in your new school Amir! They will love you!

13 thoughts on “2White Amazing Amir

  1. I hope you remember me I miss you hope your having a good time I hope I see you again one day I’m sad without you❤️❤️💙💙😟😟😟 weve been learning about

  2. Amir it’s been a pleasure to help support you in your learning. You always work so hard and never let anything beat you. I’m sure your going to love your new school and make lots of new friends. Keep working hard and make sure you come back and tell us how your getting on.

  3. You have been a delightful BH citizen. You have persevered and achieved some great things. Now for the next stage and some even better achievements. Good luck and remember, once a Broad Heather always a Broad Heather,

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