2White animal adaptations

As part of our habitats unit, we have been looking at how animals are adapted to their environment. We carried our a series of investigations to explore this further…

We experimented with a ‘blubber’ hand to see how seals and walruses are adapted to the freezing water in their habitat. We put one hand in the ice cold water and it was very uncomfortable! We then tried the other hand in a ‘blubber bag’. This layer of fat meant we could not even feel the cold temperature!

Next we sketched our own animals in different colours and hid them in places around the classroom where we felt they would be camouflaged. It took Miss Smith and Mrs Walker days to find them all!

Finally, we also experimented to see what life would be like as an animal with no thumbs! It was sooo tricky to do our buttons up and to write neatly. (Some of us couldn’t help but cheat!!)

To conclude our learning we took part in an independent project. In teams we had to research a habitat and create a model to explain. We worked so well with NO help from the adults.

Can you explain your shoebox habitat? What would we find there? Which living things live there?


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