2White Book Week

WHAT a fan-TASTIC week we have had!! Take a look…

The Wizard of Oz is a classic & we have absolutely loved it!

CHALLENGE ONE: Can you retell the story of the Wizard of Oz?

Not only did we learn lots & have fun, we elected 2 super school councillors. There were soooo many fantastic nominees…

However these children had the most votes! Meet Safiyah & Luxor…

CHALLENGE TWO : Tell me why these children deserve to be school councillors. Why are they great role models?

Inaaya has also been an extremely brave girl this week. What a superstar!

A great first week in Year 2 everybody! It is going to be an amazing year!!

11 thoughts on “2White Book Week

  1. Once upon a time a little girl called Dorothy was playing with
    her dog toto. When Dorothy was playing with toto a horrible
    wind came and blew the house to a wonderland. Dorothy was
    so confused and she said “I have not killed the mean witch”
    the good witch said “oh yes you have you know why your house
    killed the wicked witch of the west.”Oz will help you to get
    home Dorothy said “how ” the good witch said “just follow the
    yellow brick road.”Dorothy met the scarecrow. Dorothy met the tin man.When the frinds were walking a lion jumped
    out of the green bush’s and said “Raoooooooooooooah” to
    toto. WEll Dorothy said “Your coward “the lion said
    “I’m a big scared you cat “sadly the lion cryed
    Dorothy said “We’re all are going to Oz and
    The End

  2. Once upon a time there was a little girl called
    Dorothy she was playing with her dog Toto .In a little while it started to get windy and they went
    INSIDE . After a little while they went into a magical land called Emerald city. Dorothy said this
    Is a very weird place suddenly the good witch came
    And said what ,s happened my darling I wan to go to my village.

  3. Luxor
    Auntie Eme and Uncle Henry goes to the city,and leave Dorothy behind.Then the Toroand comes and it takes her and her house to Oz.It lands on the wicked witch of East and she dies. Next she arrives in Oz and meets Gekanda the good witch of the south,she gkves her ruby sliopers..Then she goes on her adventure to go the wizard of Oz to go back home and meets the scarecrow,lion and tin man . When they arrive there the wizard of Oz says to get the wicked witch of the west broom.They go to her castle and put water on her wick makes her melt.Then they get her broom and go back to the wizard of Oz and use her ruby slippers to go home and says there’s no place like home. THE END

  4. Challenge 1
    Once upon a time there lived girl called Dorothy and her house blew away by a huge tornado. The tornado took Dorothy to a strange place and there was a good witch in the strange place.The good witch gave Dorothy ruby slippers because she lost her way home. The magical slippers takes Dorothy to a scarecrow. The scarecrow said I wish to have a brain so that I can think for myself and asked Dorothy can I join you? and both continued their journey on the yellow brick road.
    On the way they found a Tin man who was standing like a statue and said I want a heart and can I also join you both? All 3 carried on the yellow brick road until they met a scary lion who wanted to be courageous and joined Dorothy and her friends and went to the Wizards castle. The wizard asked them to kill the wicked witch of East and would then send them back home. Dorothy put water on the witch and she melted away and the wizard sent Dorothy back home.

    Challenge 2

    Saffiyah and Luxor deserve to be school councillors as they are a good role models and they are helpful, kind, caring and will listen to all.

  5. Challenge 1

    Dorothy was taken away by a big and strong tornado. Then she went to a strange land called oz and met a good witch. When she was falling she killed the wicked witch of the east and got the ruby magical slippers. She then met a scarecrow that wanted a brain and seen a tinman who wanted a heart and then found a lion who wanted some courage. They went to the emerald city following the yellow brick road and went inside a castle and went to the wizard and found a floating head. The floating head asked what they wanted and when they asked they had to kill the wicked witch of the west. They defeated her with a bucket of water and bought the broomstick back to the floating head but when they moved the curtain there was only a man. Dorothy then used the magical slippers to get home and the tinman got a heart and the scarecrow got a brain and the lion got a drink that gave him some courage.

    Challenge 2
    Saffiyah and Luxor deserve to be school councillors because they do great work, brave to go to meetings and great broad heath heroes.

  6. Challenge 1

    There was a tornado and Dorothy’s house blew away to the land of Oz.
    The house landed on the bad witch and Dorothy took the ruby slippers.
    Dorothy followed the yellow brick road and she saw a scarecrow, tin man and the lion. They all went to the meet the wizard for help.
    The witch was killed by Dorothy and everyone was happy.
    Dorothy tapped her shoes 3 times and went home.

    Challenge 2

    Saffiyah and Luxor deserve to win because they are helpful and kind.

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