2White Caterpillars Guided Reading

This half term, our superstar Caterpillars have been reading a text called Stitch the Witch. Today they retold the story using role play. They did so well!

Now Caterpillars, try to answer these questions…

What did the cat have to say when he rubbed the lamp?

What did he wish for first?

What did he wish for next?

What did he wish for at the end?

Why was Stitch the Witch feeling cross with the cat?

What would you wish for?

6 thoughts on “2White Caterpillars Guided Reading

  1. 1. I wish to have 3 wishes
    2.I wish to have to have a fish
    3. I wish I had some milk
    4.I wish to have a soft bed
    5. Because he wanted some milk

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