2White Circus Week

What a fantastic week we have had! From learning circus tricks to solving crimes, 2White have gained so much during their final week in Year 2!

Ruby was also very lucky to be chosen to join the circus performers in the big top… have a look!

We also had a debate about whether it was right to use animals in the circus. At first many of us thought it was a great idea as the animals were funny… but later, after our research, we changed our minds! Listen to find out how our opinions differed..

2White, if you could perform in the circus, what would your act be and why?

18 thoughts on “2White Circus Week

  1. That was a little tricks and al don’t like the knife
    Ruby was good and lovely in the show
    I like it when ruby did to the clown because l love ruby so much

    Then l rove the clown

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