2White Farm to Fork trip

Today, we were lucky enough to visit Tesco to find out where our food comes from! We would like to say a huge thank you to Dietmar (Mr Tesco) as we had a fantastic morning and learnt lots!

Have a look for yourselves..


  1. What was the temperature in the freezer?
  2. Why do fish need gills?
  3. Name some green and red fruit or vegetables?

Now write on the blog and tell me what else you learnt today. Which part of the day did you enjoy most and why?

9 thoughts on “2White Farm to Fork trip

  1. The temperature was minus 23.
    The fish need gills to swim. Pepas apples and brocley.
    I liked the cheese part because we tasted lots of different cheeses.

  2. The temperature in the freezer was minus 23
    Fish needs gills to swim and to protect themselves from sharkes and other big fish.
    Green fruit and vegetables are apples, pears, grapes, cucumber, lettuce, pineapple, limes, green pepper
    Red fruit and vegetables are apples, grapes, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, tomato, red onions pomegranate
    I enjoyed it when we learnt about bread and how they made it, especially when they took fresh bread out of the hot oven🍞.

  3. 1.In the freezer the temperature was 20°c- and in the second coldest freezer which was like a fridge from a home had a temperature which was 10°c-.
    2.Fishes need gills to breath and fish you can eat have red gills and fish you can’t eat have brown gills.
    Fishes that have red gills are fresh.
    Also fishes that have brown gills are not fresh.
    Some fish have protection like razor sharp fangs that could protect there own self from any sharks or other big fish then it will have one of the needles stuck in itself.
    3.Vegtables:cabbages,tomatoes,carrots and lettuce.
    Red fruit:Red apples
    Green fruit:Green apples,lemons,water melons and melons.
    We had fun guessing what the animal the bread bakery man made out of bread.
    Thank you very much to the people who organised and planned this wonderful trip for us!
    Also thanks Mr tesco for letting us come to your amazing shop and a big thank you for the cupcakes that were so delicious!

  4. 1.-1°C
    2.Fish’s need Hills to breath under Walter.
    3.red:tomato,strawberry,red peper,red apple,raddish,rasbbery Green:grapes,green peper,salad,pears,green apple,cucumber
    I have learnt that we go in to the freezer and to the chiller,to make our self much More wamer.I mostly enjoyed lerning a out were fish come from. The gussing w nich ani mal is made out af bread.

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