4 thoughts on “2White – Handwashing Investigation

  1. It is very important to wash our hands because it protects us from germs and bacteria. Also its very important to wash your hands when you touch animals and play outside.

    Wash your hands after going to toilet and wash your hands when you touch your mouth because you don’t know what germs you can have.

    In our investigation I found why we should wash our hands and why. And not washing your hands can make you fall I’ll.

  2. because when we go to the toilet we might touch the toilet seat and you will get germs. At play time we might hold hands with your friends and you will pass them germs.

  3. We should wash our hands after eating, before eating and when you go to the toilet. It is important to wash our because if you do not wash your hands you will get germs. We found out in the investigation that if you did not wash your hands very well then the germs will stay and you will feel poorly.

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