2White Healthy Eating

This half term in Science we are learning how to take care of our bodies. This week we have been focusing on how to have a balanced diet. To help us understand, we created some healthy dishes.

Thank you to these wonderful children and their parents for  donating our ingredients! You are so kind and helped us learn!

Now you are experts, can you tell me if Mr Grinling has a balanced diet? What is good about his lunch? What is he doing wrong? 

8 thoughts on “2White Healthy Eating

  1. We learnt about health eating, Mr Gringing lunch was a mix of health and unhealthy ,the seafood salad was health but the suassages and chips were not.
    Thanks for the lovely pasta tomatoes chicken, it was very nice l have asked my mum to add it to my favourite meals.
    I was a very interesting day, l have swapped crisp for carrots, well done for class for bringing in the ingredients😁.

  2. I love the tamato with the chicken and the sweetcorn.We all had a turn so it could be fiar for everyone and not being aguing and saing,thats not fiar! and we can be respectful like the blog mrs rhaj-canh made for us.well done to all of for bringing all of these ingredieents.

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