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2White – How to make banana milkshake

Today we have been following instructions to make banana milkshake! It was absolutely delicious and we would like to share how to make it.

Can you write your own instructions to tell people how to make banana milkshake? Remember to use numbers, time words and imperative verbs.

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  1. How to make an milkshake

    step 1 get the ingredients from the shop, with an adult.

    step 2 i will get 2 bananna, and slice them in to thin pieces.

    step3 i will the get jug, and put the thin pieces into the jug.

    step 4 i will then added milk and ice cream to the jug that already contains the bannana.

    step 5 i will close the lid of the blender and put the blender on and watch it mix all of the ingredients together.

    step 6 i will switch the blender off, and finally tip the milkshake in to a large cup and enjoy drinking it.

  2. How do you make banana milkshak ?
    1. First ingredients you need is 2 bannanas then you slice the bannana.
    2.put two scoops of vanilla ice-cream.
    3.get the blender and put the ingredients in the blender then put the lid on.
    4. Put on the blender on .
    5. then tip it in a cup .
    6.then drink it.
    Did you like it?
    What ingredients do you need?
    How do you make it?
    How many ingredients do you need
    Do you leave the lid open?
    Do you know how to make it?
    What ingredients do you need?

  3. How to make a banana milkshake
    We will need a banana, vanilla ice cream,milk,1cup ,bowl
    1. peel the banana and then slice it.
    2.put the banana in the bowl.
    3.pour it into the bowl
    4.blend the mixture together
    5.put it into cups and enjo

  4. You need 2 banana’s, a cup of milk and 2 spoons of vanilla ice cream.

    [1] Peel the banana.

    [2] Slice the banana’s

    [3] Put all the ingredients in the blender

    [4] blend the ingredients

    [5] enjoy the milk shake

  5. 1. Peal the banana 🍌 and put it in the bin.
    2. slice,cut or chop the banana and don’t forget be careful!
    3. Put the banana in the blender and blend.
    Next take out the banana milkshake and pour it in a plastic cup ☕️.
    Finally ENJOY!!!!!🙃

  6. 1.First we peal the banana.
    2.Slice it with a knife.
    3.Put the vanilla ice cream in the blender and the banana.
    4.Start the blender.
    5.Turn the blender of and put the milkshake a cup.
    6.Finally enjoy your milkshake.

  7. 1Peal the banana.
    2.Slice the banana.
    3.pour the banana into the blender.
    4.Scoop the ice cream into the blender.
    5.Then put the milk into the blender.
    After put the lid onto the blender and press the button.
    6Next pour the milkshake into a cup.
    7.Finally drink the milkshake.

  8. Number 1 peal one banana.
    Number 2 cut the banana.
    Number 3 put the milk in .
    Number 4 put two scoops in.
    Number 5 Injoy the milkshake.

  9. *numnber one* you have to peel the banana
    *number Two* chop the banana
    *number three put all of the ingredients in the blender
    *number four* pour the milkshake into the cups.
    finally enjoy!

  10. we need a 1 banana , 1cup of milk and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
    step 1 peel the banana
    step 2 cut the banana
    step 3 put all the ingredients into the blender and blend.
    step 4 pour into and enjoy.
    it will taste great.

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