2White Literary Figure Week

This week we have been learning about John Agard and his book Come All You Little Persons. Have a look at what we’ve been up to…

Today we had a dress up day. We all came dressed as a character which could appear in the poem. We were showing that ALL living things are equal and important. Look how fantastic the costumes were!


Can you write your own version of Come All You Little Persons using some of the characters you dressed as today?

20 thoughts on “2White Literary Figure Week

  1. Come little scorpion -person with 8 long,hairy,legs ,
    Come little lamb-person with curly,white,wool,
    Come little cheater-person with soft, golden, hair ,
    Come little cat-person with long,pink,skinny,whiskers,
    Come little zebra-person with think,black,white,mane,

  2. come little unicorn – person with a gold horn and a pink body.
    come little cat – person with a fur and black tail.
    come little dragon – person with sharp teeth and a big nails.
    come little butterfly – person in black ears and a purple wings

  3. Come all you little persons from above earth, from above sky, from below earth, from under water, come all you little persons come exactly as you are.
    Come little unicorn – person with long fluffy tail and rainbow horn.
    Come little dragon – person with huge wings, big sharp teeth and long tail.
    Come little butterfly- person with colourful wings and big antenna.
    Come little tiger – person with stripy jumper and sharp pretend claws.
    It doesn’t mater what we look like but where all equal.

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