2White Mathmagicians

This blog is to celebrate the success of our super clever children who achieve excellent scores in their weekly mental maths tests! Can you make it onto our leader board?

The Girls

Week 1 – 1st Safiyah. 2nd – Safa, Aisha & Amanah. 3rd – Gufran & Serina.

Week 2 – 1st Safiyah & Lillie. 2nd – Amanah. 3rd – Maryam & Gufran

Week 3 – 1st: Safiyah, 2nd: Amanah, 3rd: Serina, Lillie, Aisha

Week 4: 1st – Safiyah, 2nd – Jasmine, 3rd – Elen, Lillie, Amanah & Aleena

The Boys

Week 1 – 1st: Zakariya K. 2nd: Aayan, Zak D, Luxor, Umar. 3rd: Lawy


Week 2 – 1st: Umar. 2nd: Zak D, Zak K, Aayan. 3rd: Luxor

Week 3 – 1st: Zak K, 2nd: Umar, 3rd: Aayan

Week 4: 1st – Zak K, 2nd – Zak D, 3rd – Umar

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