2White Mrs Armitage & the Big Wave

During our English lessons, Year 2 have shared a story called Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave by Quentin Blake. We loved hearing about the adventures of Mrs Armitage and her faithful white dog , Breakspear! During one of our lessons we learnt to sequence the story in order. Here are the Bees using their drama skills to retell…

 Can you retell the story on the blog? Think about describing the main characters, the setbting, the problems they faced along the way and how the story ended.

Here are some words you might need… Mrs Armitage, Breakspear, Miranda, inflatable desert island, avocado burger, dog biscuits, boat hook, umbrella, horn, megaphone, rescued, safety

5 thoughts on “2White Mrs Armitage & the Big Wave

  1. One sunny day Mrs Armitage and Breakspear went to the beach to catch a big wave so she could surf on it. Then Mrs Armitage waited and waited but she could not see a big wave in sight. Breakspears legs were tired so Mrs Armitage swam and got Breakspear a dessert lsland (float) then she swam to Breakspear and gave the dessert island to Breakspear. Later on they were hungry so Mrs Armitage swam back and found some food so she came back with food to share with Breakspear. Next Breakspear was hot so Mrs Armitage swam to get a umbrella to protect him from the sun. She also came back with a umbrella she kept on waiting in the next half hour finally she saw a big wave but she never surfed in the big wave because there was a girl drowning so instead of surfing she picked her up with harpoon and then she did some surfing then she went to Miranda’s parents and Mrs Armitage and Breakspear joined Miranda’s family for a party. The end.

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