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2White Phonics Update

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To help you make super progress in Phonics, I have found some videos to help you learn new phonemes. I know you love Geraldine the giraffe so I’m SURE she can help you learn! I have chosen personalised sounds for each child – these are sounds that I know you need to learn before you can move to the next band. Once I am sure that you can use and apply this sound, I will update the blog. GOOD LUCK!

Archi: th, fr


Christopher: ng, nk

Bijan: a_e, i_e, o_e

Aisha: ure

Muhammad: ew, aw, ear

Qasim: ure, are, aw

Abubaker: awureare

Sammi: tion

18 thoughts on “2White Phonics Update

  1. Come on Bolu! you just need one more practise thats “tion”. I know that your poorly but during when your poorly you could maybe practise.

  2. These children certainly will go places when a teacher is prepared to think about the next step for EVERY child to be successful, well done Miss Smith!

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