Year 2White Reading Gladiators- 18.03.21

This week, the Gladiators referred back to Chapter One of ‘Erica’s Elephant.’ They discussed any further knowledge they had gained about elephants, when reading the book. During today’s session, the Gladiators have used their retrieval skills to find evidence from parts of the story, given opinions on the characters based on what they had read, looked at the illustrations and discussed Erica’s feelings and emotions. Here’s how they got on….

Finish reading chapter 2, using intonation and expression where possible (Pg42-44: e.g. the exchange between Erica & Mrs Pritchett.)

Home Tasks

Elephant rides

Is it right that Erica charges people to see and ride on the elephant?
Are you for or against? Give your reasons…

Oliver Drew…

Pg49: Oliver Drew is Erica’s favourite visitor….

-Why do you think she likes him so much?
-Oliver gives Erica information about elephants, do you think this is true? (Refer back to the book) Using your computing skills, can you check these facts?

‘Silly People’…

As Chapter 2 ends; The author wrote… ‘However silly people might seem to you, it can be unwise to ignore them.’

-What do you think the author mean by this?
What could this mean for the story?

3 thoughts on “Year 2White Reading Gladiators- 18.03.21

  1. I think Erica should nt use the elephant for rides or money because it is not his real choice .And his leg hurts ,and it’s not what elephants really like doing .They like to do there natural things playing in a hot savannahs with other elephants in a herd spraying water and relaxing.

    Maybe if ignore someone even if there silly they might of been right so u should think about it.
    In the storey i think the author meant that Erica should be careful because something might go wrong .


    I think Erica likes Oliver because he knows alot about animals and she believes him .Oliver tells Erica alot of things about elephants I think there true because he knows alot . And they also sound true. I am going to research online and check.

    • Great work, Delilah.
      Elephant Rides-
      From you answer, I would say that you are against Elephant rides. I agree, it is cruel, Elephants Gould be able to roam free in their natural habitats.
      I agree, although you think that someone is silly, they might be right so it’s always a good choice to think whether what they’re saying makes sense.
      What do you think could go wrong?
      Good girl, Let me know whether you find Oliver’s facts to be true or false.

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