2White Trip to Weston-super-Mare

Our trip to Weston-super-Mare was a HUGE success! We have had so much fun and made so much progress with our ‘Seaside’ Geography work. We spotted lots of different human and physical features, experienced things first-hand and, of course, had lots of fun!

That’s enough from me – I will let the video do the talking…

A huge thank you to the parents who took time out to help us! It was hugely appreciated and your support is truly valued!

Children – thank you so much for behaving beautifully and proving to the world what excellent students we have at Broad Heath.

Did you have a good time? Can you tell me why?

Which human and physical features did we spot at the seaside?

22 thoughts on “2White Trip to Weston-super-Mare

  1. I had a very good day because we made sand castles and we had ice cream also we wrote our names on the sand and I learnt alot of things

  2. I enjoyed the trip to the beach. We saw a huge pier, some shops, and a huge far tall light house.
    The pier and the light house that we saw were physical features and manmade.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed yourself Atena! Remember physical means natural and human means man-made. Can you tell me which physical features we found?

  3. It looks as though you had a fantastic time. I am looking forward to hearing all about physical and human features at Weston-Super-Mare.

  4. It looks as though you had a fantastic time. It is wonderful to hear that you were such great Broad Heath citizens. I am looking forward to reading your work about the seaside and seeing how you put the experience that you gained today into developing future learning.

  5. It certainly looks great fun. I hope all your parents get to see this and can share some of the magic that has happened today. Thank you everyone.

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