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2White Twycross Trip

What a fun day we have had! We saw so many exciting animals and the children applied their knowledge of animals and their habitats which was fantastic!

Thank you so much to the fantastic parents who supported us today – Azaan’s mum, Maryam’s mum, Aayan’s mum and Lillie’s dad. We truly appreciate your time and care!

Tell me which animal you liked best. Where is its habitat? What is its diet? Does it have any predators? Is it endangered? If so, why?

31 thoughts on “2White Twycross Trip

  1. My favourite animal was the gibbons because they did lots of things that were cool 😎 that lots of people came.A gibbons habitat is up in the trees swinging in the vines.

  2. My favourite animal was the monkey and I liked the part when it was spinning so was cool.the monkey could balance on the rope and they were like Spider-Man’s.i had a very good day to twy-crosszoo.i even saw different tipes of monkeys.i saw a very big monkey.we went to another place that had monkeys so there was a monkey that was bored and he got a tennis ball and made a hole in it.he chewed it and put its food inside it.

  3. My favourite animal that we saw were the monkeys. Monkeys live on a diet of fruits, nuts and insects. They also like to eat spiders. Some monkeys live in trees and use their tails to swing from tree to tree and some monkeys live on the ground instead. Monkeys have three main predators. These are leopards, jaguars and cougars.
    Many monkey species are endangered and are close to extinction. For example the Sumatran orangutan are known to be very endangered. This is because of harmful activities such as hunting and habitat destruction.

  4. My favourite animal is the lemur because we actually got to walk with them.
    Lemur habitat and disterbution.Lemurs live in trees which is why they are called arboareal.There are some large species of lemurs though that also spend time on the ground.they are only found on Comoro islands and Madagascar islands.They have several predators, including fossas (mammals related to the mongoose), Madagascar Harrier-hawks,Madagascar buzzards, Madagascar ground boas, civets, and domestic cats and dogs.
    Lemurs are in Endangered ,In the case of the lemurs of Madagascar, which have suffered extensively from deforestation and habitat fragmentation, and nearly 25 percent of all species are either Endangered or critically Endangered,

    • Excellent Aayan! It made me very proud to see you asking the zoo keeper sensible questions! I’m glad you enjoyed the experience!

  5. I liked the flamingos and they live in water in the zoo.
    They are omnivores and tat means they eat meat and plants mainly they like to drink and swim in the water. They have a few predators but not really . Tiny bit in danger and did you know that in 1924 the James flamingo was beloved to be extinct ? The trip was so fun and it was amazing and it was funny when the monkey weeded.β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ€©πŸ¦„

    • Great information Jasmine! Which countries do flamingos live in? It was very funny when the monkey had a wee right in front of us. I think he was showing off and trying to make us laugh!

  6. We had a fun filled day yesterday. All the children were so well behaved and loved seeing all the animals and learning all about their habitats, what country they came from and what they ate. My favourite animal was the monies and the giraffes.

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