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2White visit the Victorians

Today we went back in time! Yes that’s right! We went back to 1900. Do you know who the Queen was at this time? We visited Blists Hill village and explored a variety of different workplaces and shops. Look at what we learnt…

Thank you to our lovely parents for supporting like members of staff! Your help is truly appreciated!

Children, tell me the 3 most interesting things you learnt about life in the Victorian days?

Which job would you have liked in 1900?

How was life different to ours now?

11 thoughts on “2White visit the Victorians

  1. 1. In the Victorian days, they didn’t have electricity.
    2. If children were left handed, the teacher’s used to tie the children’s left hand behind their back so they had to train their right hand to write with a pen. This is because the pens used in Victorian days had to be dipped into ink. If you used your left hand to write, your hand will be smudging the ink when you write.
    3. In Victorian days England used to rule 1 third of the world and was the richest country

    I found it really fun making candles so in the 1900s; the job I would like to have is working in a candle factory.

    If I were living in the 1900, I would be going to work at my age. But today I will be at school. We have electricity in our homes to turn on things like tv, ipads and computers. In Victorian days they didn’t have any things like this. We have cars to travel in, but they had horses.

  2. The boys used to wear bonits and dresses in olden days until they were 6or7.
    In olden days you have to write with your right hand otherwise you would not get a good job.
    In Victorians time some peoples had food and others used to stay hungry.
    I would like a job in the sweet shop.

  3. They used to have a 5 wheeled bike. The boys wore dresses until they were 6. People in the Victorian times were shorter than us.I would of liked to have a job in the bakery because it smelt yummy. Life was different because they had horses instead of cars.
    The trip was amazing! The postboxes used to be green.

  4. In the Victorian days the boys had wear dresses.
    The girls had to only wear dresses and no trousers.
    In the Victorian days when your teeth was wobble the dentist would pull it out.

    I would be a post officer.

    When you want to do something you had to write with your right hand but now we can write with both hands.

  5. I love 💗 the part when we got the candles and my favourite colour of the candle was the yellow and the blue. The coolest part was when it turned into different was so fun.

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