2White – Wizard of Oz Character’s Feelings

How do you think Dorothy felt at different parts of the story? Write the number and explain.

For example – 1. I think Dorothy felt _________ because…

These words might help you: terrified, scared, worried, nervous, confused, anxious, surprised, pleased, happy, excited, proud, cross, angry, sad, upset, furious, disappointed, curious, shocked, horrified, relieved









19 thoughts on “2White – Wizard of Oz Character’s Feelings

  1. 1. Dorothy felt scared because a tornado blew her house away.
    2. The Queen met Dorothy and gave her some ruby red slippers which were sparkly, and she felt very excited to try them on.
    3. Dorothy met a Lion and the Lion jumped up to Toto her Dog, and she felt angry.
    4.Dorothy walked to a green castle with her friends. It must have been a long walk and must be feeling tired.
    5.Dorothy and Toto came across a one eyed wicked witch. She looks terrified.
    6.Dorothy is running across the fields and has met her mum and she felt extremely glad to meet her mum.

  2. I think Dorothy felt sad because the wind blew her house. I think Dorothy felt happy because she like her
    red shoes. I think Dorothy felt angry because the lion
    was making the dog sad. I think Dorothy felt worried
    because she never see the place. I think Dorothy felt
    scared because the wich did a spell on her. I think
    Dorothy felt happy because she was meeting Aunt em.

  3. Dorothy is feeling worried because her house has been gone by a toondado.
    Dorothy is feeling extremely excited because she has sparked shoe.
    Dorothy is feeling cross because the lion trying too be considered.
    Dorothy is feeling worried because she doesn’t know who is inside.
    Dorothy is feeling shocked because the witch is cause a spell.
    Dorothy is feeling happy because she is home.

  4. 1. Dorothy was terafide because her house 🏡 flew by a black tornado 🌪.

    2. Dorothy got magical 🧙‍♀️ slippers from the good witch 🧙‍♀️.

    3. The loin came and tried to eat the dog.

    4. Dorothy stoped the loin and the loin came on there team.

    5. They saw a castle and saw a witch.

    6. The girl threw water on the witch.

  5. When Dorothy was in the tornado she was terrified .
    When she put the red shoes on she was excited.
    When she saw the lion she was angry.
    She was amazed of the castle.
    When she saw the witch

  6. 1.dorothy felt terrified because her house blew by a tornado.
    2.dorothy felt happy because the good witch thank dorothy.
    3.dorothy was angry because the lion wanted to eat toto.
    4.dorothy felt worried that she didn’t no if it was good.
    5. The witch did a spell on dorothy put a jug on the witch.
    6. Dorothy was so happy to be home.

  7. I think she felt terrified and fritefn.
    She felt terrible
    She felt anxious about the lion 🦁.
    She was scared and shocked

    She felt happy 😆

  8. I think Dorothy feeling terrified when her brown house blue away

    I think she was happy and excited when she got the red shoes

    When the lion ground at toto Dorothy was angry at the lion

    Wehen she saw the house she was scared.

    When she saw the wich she was scared and terrified

    When she saw her auntie and her

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