3 Blue – Art week

What a fantastic week we have had in 3 Blue! We have been so busy learning and practicing new skills such as using tone and sketching. We have also mixed paints to make a colour wheel. 

3 Blue were very lucky to visit the park this week! At the park we sketched leaved and trees, collected a range of different leaves and took pictures of Landscapes. We used the leaves to create so leaf art and then sketched and painted our Landscapes. 

Have a look at the video below to see what exciting things we got up to!

Which skills did you use?

What was your favourite part of Arts week? 

8 thoughts on “3 Blue – Art week

  1. The skills I used were sketching skills and observation sills when we had to draw the leaf.
    My favourite part of art week was when we painted our landscapes it was fantastic.

  2. We used toning skills and we all used water colour paint it was very hard as well. My favourite art was when we painted with our friend i was with Abubaker.

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