3 Blue Book Week 1

Great start to the new academic Year 3 Blue! I can’t wait to see how well you will progress and develop throughout the year. This week is Book Week and we have been focusing on ‘The Princess and the Frog’. We have made origami frogs, wrote setting descriptions, composed music for the wedding march, designed a dress for the princess as well as researched information about amphibians. Have a look at our learning journey…

Can you answer these questions based on ‘The Princess and the frog’ read Lexi Smith?

  1. How many daughters did the king have?
  2. Who was his favourite daughter?
  3. Why was the princess weeping?
  4. How would you feel if you lost something precious that belonged to you?

7 thoughts on “3 Blue Book Week 1

  1. 1.The king had 7 beautiful daughters.
    2.His favourite was the youngest daughter.
    3.The princess was wheeping because she lost her golden ball.
    4.I would feel terrible if I lost something precious because I treasure it a lot.

  2. 1.The king had 7 daughters
    2. The kings faveroute daughter was the youngest
    3.The princess was sobing because she lost here shiny,spracaling golden ball in the pond
    4. I would feel furious

  3. Wow! What a confident reader Lexi! Well done.
    I saw you all having fun doing lots of exciting activities like origami, creating princess’s dress and not forgetting the music for the wedding march. You all had a super week,keep it up.

  4. The king had 7 daughter’s.
    His favourite daughter was the youngest of them all.
    The princess lost her golden ,precious ball.
    I will feel miserable and terrified.

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