9 thoughts on “3 Blue go to Conkers

  1. My favourite one was when we went on the first activity because it was enjoyable. I learnt that they made bread on different types of rocks.

  2. My favourite part of the day was where we learnt how to make bread and the man who looked like a stone age person. He called me a squirrel.

  3. I had a really fun time my favriout part about concerts was when the Stone Age man done the play it was funny 😂 I can’t wait for more trips and more fun thank you teachers and Mrs Frankish for planning all the wonderful trips.

  4. My favourite part was when we went in the concerts building and there was these nets we had to climb in and there was this swirl slide we had to go in leading us down and I also liked the part were we had lunch and were there was this place that was like a cinema but it was not a big TV there was a real person doing it.the thing I learnt new was the use flint to make spears and other weapons .i didnt like the part were we had to walk a long time and we had to wait on the coach for a very long time.

  5. My favourite part was when we saw the man who was dressed like he was in the stone age and he called us weird names.He called me nostril.

    I learnt how to make flour with grains.

  6. My favourite thing was the theatre 🎭 . I learnt to do si language and with that lady you have to spin the thing and I didn’t no what that thing where you put inside it but now I no what it does.

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