3 Blue letters to Alex T Smith.

In 3 Blue this week we have been reading and learning about Alex T Smith, in particular his Claude collection. Everybody in 3 Blue has written letters to Alex T Smith and we have also been learning how to write formal letters. Above are Hamza’s and Leeda’s amazing letters to Alex T Smith – they have really gone above and beyond with fantastic presentation and content!

We are peer assessing our letters on Monday in class as part of our learning. Can you read these letters and answer the questions below?

  1. Can you name the key features that are in a letter?
  2. Are these letters formal or in formal? Why?
  3. Can you give Leeda and Hamza 2 stars and a wish to help them improve their letter writing?

2 thoughts on “3 Blue letters to Alex T Smith.

  1. 1. Date, address, who its to and from, yours sincerely or thank you.

    2. This is formal because it has dear sir/madam.

    3. This letter has all the correct features and very well presented.

  2. Address,date,Who it’s to and who it’s from
    They are formal because it’s proper English.
    I like you’re work because it has neat hand writing

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