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3 Blue making the headlines!

Today in science we helped Captain America and Storm decide what weather condition would cause the least erosion to chalk. The scientists in 3 Blue tested different weather conditions using water, white vinegar, ice and heat. Some of us wrote a newspaper report with our findings whilst others filmed an interview for the news.

Which weather condition weathered the chalk least?

Which weather condition weathered the chalk the most?

5 thoughts on “3 Blue making the headlines!

  1. Mrs raja khan we used white vinegar because we wanted the water acidic.We weren’t sure
    if the rain water was plain water or it had other bits in it.

  2. The ice was the least because it was cold so it won’t do damage and make it an erode.

    the boiling water did the most because it was a hot temperature.

  3. The ice weathered the chalk the least because the chalk didn’t break.

    The boiling water weathered the chalk the most because it turned it soft.

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