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  1. Bronze CHALLENGE
    Susie the snake has 19 eggs because if she counts them in fours like this 4,8,12,16 there are 3 leftover and 16+3=19 and if you count in fives like this 5,10,15 and there are 4 leftover and 15+4=19 so the answer is 19

    Silver CHALLENGE
    The queens first pile contained 7 coins and since it had 4 more coins then the second so the second has 3 coins and that has one less than the third so it has 4 coins and the fourth pile it has double the second pile so it has six

    Suzie the snake would
    have 20 snake eggs.

    She would of put
    70 gold coins in
    each pile.

    It would equal the
    number 77.

    Maisie had 100
    breadcrums left.

  3. bronze challenge
    so how I worked it out is that I first read the question and then I indentyifed the important part.when sussie counted her eggs in four and she had 3 left over thts when you had to do 4×3 which is 12.

    after when she counted her eggs in five and she has four left over so you do 5×4=20.
    cause the answer of one was 12 and the other was 20 you then add them both answers together which is 32 because 20 ADD 12 IS 32 .


    I first read the question and and then I identified the IMPORTANT parts.
    so the first pile has 9 coins
    then the second pile has 4 coins
    then the fourth pile has 7 coins.

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