3 Blue S.O.L.E project

3 Blue’s question was What can you tell me about Ferdinand Magellan and his importance to the Philippines? 

Raumaan, Leeda and Devanshi worked incredibly hard and in fact had a few technical issues involving our iMovie, where videos were lost. However we salvaged a lot and you can see their fabulous efforts below.




What did you learn from the video? 

How could they improve it? 

2 thoughts on “3 Blue S.O.L.E project

  1. I learned about the history of Ferdiband Magellan.
    The video can be better by speaking loud and clear and maybe provide a an activity for the class to join in with.

  2. Ferdinand was an explorer.
    He was born 1480 in Portugal.
    He died April 27 1521.
    He qas best known to navigate the globe.

    He discovered the world is round and you cannot fall.

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