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3 Blue showing courage during Art Week!

We have had an amazing week in 3 Blue. We looked at Lady Godiva and why she was courageous as well as how art can show courage through pictures. The children created some fantastic ‘courage’ art masterpieces of their own!

What does it mean to be courageous?

Why was Lady Godiva courageous?

What did you learn and what did you enjoy the most this week?

5 thoughts on “3 Blue showing courage during Art Week!

  1. Courageous means fearless, brave, confidence and determination.
    Lady Godiva was wife of Lord Leofric who was imposing the heavy taxes. She deciding to support the public against her husband by protesting and going through the city on a horse with out any clothing on. This was very courageous.
    My favourite

  2. It means that you are very brave and strong.
    She was courageous because she wore no clothes on her horse so she could help Coventry.
    I learnt to sketch a lion and I enjoyed making the lion.

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