3 Blue’s Iron Age Forts.

Today in Topic we have been looking at the Iron Age and how they use to live. We looked at how they built their Forts and why they built them. We then got creative and built our own Forts using different materials. Take a look at our fabulous work below.

1) Why did the Stone Age people build Forts?

2)  What natural materials did they use to build their houses and surrounding areas?

3) Why did they build Forts on hills?

2 thoughts on “3 Blue’s Iron Age Forts.

  1. 1Because there was a better view frome the people who were going to fight them and the peole would have to climb hill by hill and the peole who live in the forts can quickly fight.
    2)Wood,mud,logs twigs and animal skin but we used paper lollipop sticks tape glue cardboad and bits like sting,straw and buttons.

    3)So they can easily get ready and fight

  2. The Stone Age people build forts to get a nice view and they can see who is a attacking them and can attack the enemies.

    They use stones and twigs to build houses.

    The forts were build on the hills because you could be able to see different battles and see who you are firing at.

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