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3 Blues tomato device challenge.

In 3 Blue today we were set a challenge to design and create a tomato carrying device. Our device had to carry cherry tomatoes down a hill without them being squashed. We worked in groups to plan, create and test them.

Take a look at our video to see our devices.

What materials worked best when making your device?

How could you improve your device?


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  1. By Mandy
    When making my Device the best material was cardboard boxes because it protected the tomatoes.
    I could improve my device by putting wheels on it so it could go a little bit faster.
    By Lexi
    The matirial that worked the best was the plastic bags because the tamarisk didn’t get crushed 🍅 We can improve it by making it stronger

  2. The sello-tape worked the best because it wasn’t coming off and the handle was working pretty well.

    We can improve it by Making it quite bigger so all the tomatoes can fit

  3. The best material was cardboard because it would never break unless you rip it or damage it.

    We could improve ours by making it like a car.

    By Imran And Hanif