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3 Blue’s visit to the Gurdwara

3 Blue have had a fantastic morning visiting the Gurdwara on Foleshill Road. We explored the inside of the Gurdwara and were told about the history of Sikhism. The children learnt so much and asked some great questions. The children displayed so many Broad Heath values including respect and kindness.

What did you learn about Sikhism and the Gurdwara?

What do the five K’s stand for?

How old is the religion of Sikhism?

17 thoughts on “3 Blue’s visit to the Gurdwara

  1. The Gurdwara was built 40 years ago.Sikhism started 500 years ago.They have tigers for protection.

    Kachera,Kirpan,Kesh,Kara and Kanaga.

    Sikhism is 500 years old.

  2. I learnt that the gurdwara was built 40 years ago. The Sikhism was the new religion and a tiger was there for protection.
    The first k is kachera , kesh, kangaga ,kara and Kirpan.
    It was 500 years old.
    It was fun and beautiful.🦄😀😍

  3. We learned that they have a lion 🦁 in the Gurdwara because god was praying and there was a lion and the lion was looking after him.
    The Guurdwara was made 40 years ago by god after it was a silimar.

  4. That they give food to people at lunch and dinner if they stay their that long.
    Kanga,Kesh,Kirpan,Kachera and Kara.
    The Sikhism is only 500 years old.

  5. 1. We learnt that the first Gurdwara was 500 years ago and they had a Tiger for protection. They told us that this Gurdwara was the newest.
    2. Kachera , Kesh , Kanaga , Kara and Kirpan.
    3. Sikhism is 500 years old

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