3 Red Art

Choose one of the pieces of art on this blog. Your job is to answer the questions about your chosen piece. Remember to include reasons for your answers.

BON46681 Portrait of a Brother and Sister with their Pet Dog in a Wooded Landscape by Eddis, Eden Upton (1812-1901) Private Collection © Bonhams, London, UK English, out of copyright

1. How do the people in the painting know each other?

2. Imagine the painting is a photo. What happened just before it was taken?

3. What do you think the people in the painting might talk about? 

4. What do you like about the painting?

5. What do you dislike about the painting?

6. What question would you ask the artist? 

16 thoughts on “3 Red Art

  1. 1. They are brother and sister with there dog.
    2. They were looking in front of the camra man.
    3. Shall we play rock paper scissor or play tag ?
    4. It is colerful and the settings are beautiful.
    5. Why are so serious in this picture?
    6.Why are the settings are so good?

  2. 1 maby they are brothers and sisters or cosuns .
    2 I fink it was patina or they had to get in order.
    3 They mite be tallking about there love or theymite be tallking about there baby’s.
    4 I like about the lady how is holding the baby’s.
    5 I don’t like the boy because he Carly hair.

  3. 1. People know each other because they might be there friends,sister,brother,mum,dad,cousin,uncles,aunts,grandpa and grandma?
    2. The were lost in a forest?
    3.They might be planning about something?

  4. 1.I think because there family.
    2.It was painted before it was taken a picture.
    3.They might be talking about a surprise party.
    4.It looks nice and it was a fantastic painting.
    5.I don’t like the blurry nes.
    6.I want say to him it is fantastic.

  5. 1.They know each other because they might be siblings or friends
    2.They might be in Victorian times before we were born
    3.It is sunny when they painted it
    4.I like all of them on one of them the water is cascading
    5.I dislike the first 2nd one because it looks scary.
    6.What is it about?
    Are they family?
    Is all from the same person who made this painting?
    Who is this for?

  6. 1. They know earth other because there are brothers and sisters.
    2. It is in the Victorian times.
    3.It is really hot and sunny.
    4.I like it because it has a cascading sea.
    5. I don’t like the sand because it look likes rocks.
    6. How much money is it.

  7. They are holding there hands.
    It looks like brown photo.
    They look at the see.
    What happened at school.
    When he looks at the see.
    I am dislike why he got a stick.🤤

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