3 Red Design Iron Age Forts

In three red today, we had a really creative afternoon learning about the Iron Age. We learnt about Hillforts and how they were defended. We also learnt that they were like towns because they had many people living inside them. Using all we knew, we worked in teams to create forts and discussed why we had designed them as we had. The teamwork in the classroom was brilliant and we really lived up to our class mantra of “all for one and one for all.”

After that, we learnt about how the Iron Age ended when the Romans fought the Celts and invaded Britain in AD43. We thought about the clothes the Celts wore and made our own Celtic weavings. 

Watch our video to see what we achieved this afternoon. 

How were hillforts defended?

What would be in a hillfort?

How might the Romans have changed Britain?

2 thoughts on “3 Red Design Iron Age Forts

  1. Hill forts were defended by having lots of steep hills.
    There could be lots of houses and people on hillforts .
    The Romans changed Britain by building houses, copper, silver ,iron ,gold.

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