3 Red- Instructions

Today we made progress in our instructions unit, by verbally giving instructions to one another. We completed 3 practical activities, practising how to give detailed instructions using imperative verbs. One of those activities was to give instructions to make a jam sandwich. Watch the video below and complete the challenge.

Challenge: Comment below the necessary equipment list to carry on these instructions.


  1. 1. Get 2 pieces of bread.
    2. Spread jam with a knife on one bread.
    3. Place 2nd bread on top.
    4. Slice the bread in half’s.
    Knife, jam, 2 bread and plate

  2. Instructions for how to make a Jam Sandwich
    1. Get a plate out.
    2. Place the Bread on the Plate.
    3. Spread the Jam on the Bread.
    4. Cut the Jam Sandwich in half.
    5.Finally Enjoy your Jam Sandwich.

  3. 1. Get tow slide of breed.
    2. Then get a bar of jam spread it on
    one side of breed.
    3. Next get the other side of breed then put it on.
    4. After then cut it into 4 groups.

  4. I enjoyed all of the activities.
    I enjoyed making the jam sandwich and it tasted good.
    1. First put two slices of bread.
    2. Second spread the jam on one slices of bread.
    3. Third put the other bread on top of the bread.
    4. Forth cut the bread and then cut it again.
    5. Now finally eat your delicious bread and enjoy it.
    It was fun drawing and the other person had to say the word then you have to draw it.
    Then the person has to look at the picture and the picture has to look the same.
    And it was also fun playing with the bee bots,one person has the bee bot and the other person has to guess which way to get the cubes.

  5. the objects that we were using were…
    chopping board
    we used all of these objects to make a jam sandwitch.
    we used instructions to make the jam sandwitch.

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