3 Red Investigate Permeability

In Science this week 3 Red investigated permeability. They done this by pouring 100ml of water into three different kinds of soil and timed how long it took for the water to travel through.

For the results take a look at our video below!

What is permeability?

Which was the most permeable and how do you know?

What would you differently next time?

5 thoughts on “3 Red Investigate Permeability

  1. Permeability is the ability of a substance to allow another substance to pass through it, especially the ability of a porous rock, sediment, or soil to transmit fluid through pores and cracks. Geologic permeability is usually measured in millidarcies.
    Gravel and soil are the most permeable, according to the data we received from conducting our own tests.
    I would try different things to broaden permeability tests.

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