3 Red – Literacy – Red group

Year 3 have been learning all about ‘Myths and Legends’ the last two weeks in literacy. In each of the myths there has been a mythical beast. Yesterday we created our own mythical beasts thinking about: What will it’s magical power be? What noise will it make? What will it look like? Will it be tall? Will it be male or female? Where will it live?

After planning and sketching out a rough idea of what we wanted our own mythical beasts to look like this is what we created:img_1404 img_1405 img_1406 img_1407 img_1408 img_1409

Your challenge for today is to write a character description for your mythical beasts. REMEMBER to use powerful adjectives, similes and powerful verbs to describe what your mythical beast is doing.

Below is a word bank of adjectives to help you!

Eerie Gigantic Monstrous Spooky
Small Stinky Evil Smelly
Disgusting Dirty Thin Elegant
Rotten Creepy Gloomy Vile
Colourful Cheerful Pretty magical
Miserable Filthy Loud Noisy
Horrible Grotesque Frightening Ancient
Tall Horrid Sinister Sharp
Spine-chilling Thick Terrifying bright

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