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3 Red Poem

3 Red

There it is, year 3,
So it comes to pass
that this is your last day
in Miss Millar’s class.

I’ve taken inspiration from Ridwan
And come up with a plan,
To write you all a poem
To keep the memories flowing.

You’ve been my first BH lot
And this little poem is my shot
To say a massive thank you
for everything you all do.

Laura has been a kind caretaker,
And Tymon, a wonderful LEGO maker.
Xavier and Hamza are the water bottle dream team,
While Raees keep his table box, oh, so clean.

Team Abdullahs’ handwriting is great.
Aayan and Ravi have been brilliant mates.
Lily and Malaika have sunny smiles.
Arina always goes that extra mile.

Saanvi knows what’s what with cricket.
Ibrahim’s effort is just the ticket.
I’ve seen so much confidence in Safwan and Stevo.
Saira’s made me proud by learning to sew.

This year’s been made so much fabber
by Lisa, Rhema, Marley and Sabah.
Harroop is one very speedy runner.
Umar, you’ve made it all that bit funner.

Laylah, you’ve been grand at the council of our school.
Mishal and Esha, you’ve both been really cool.
Afsana’s always there for those who need a friend.
Saffiyah and Bayleigh have smiles ’til the end.

Lastly, we have one more person we need to thank.
Without her, our ship would have sank.
Mrs Sanders, you’ve been a saint.
You’ve made sure I never faint.
This wonderful lot have made so much progress,
Wouldn’t have without you, I must confess.

You’ve helped us with it all:
The bumped heads, the grazes and a good many falls.
“Get the big scissors out!”
Miss Millar’s often heard to shout.

3 Red, in the blink of an eye,
With just one or two cries,
Our journey together is over
And being your teacher was lucky as a four-leaf clover.

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