3 Red’s History Week

The last two days 3 Red have learnt everything there is to know about Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun’s notorious tomb in 1922! Please watch the iMovie below to see all the fun we got up to! Afterwards, comment answering the questions below, showcasing your knowledge. The most detailed comment wins a table point!

Why was the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb so important?

What important artefacts did Howard Carter discover in the tomb?

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  1. Osas: When I was learning about Tutankhamun, The Ancient Egyptians and Howard Carter I learnt that Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. I also liked to create the pyramids when they are 3D.
    I had a lot of fun this week and I now know a lot about Howard Carter and The Ancient Egyptians.
    Aiza: This week I had a lot of fun discovering all about Howard Carter and Tutankhamun. We found his tomb in a pyramid and we had to transalate clues in hieroglyphics. I was also interested in Howard Carter and how his team of archaeologists discovered his tomb in The Valley of The Kings and how they did it.

  2. Amina says because than we will know what it is like in the Ancient Egypt.
    Adam and Keyan says so we can know lots about king tutankhamun and ancient Egypt.
    We say that Howard Carter found a cane that represent that tutankhamun had a spine problem.
    From Keyan amina adam

  3. 1. If howard did not discover the tomb, we will not know about Ancient egypt.
    2. There were jewels which showed that Tutankhamen was very rich.

  4. The discovery of Tutankhamun tomb is important because we wouldn’t know about it and ancient Egypt.
    Howard Carter found that the cane in the tomb to represent spine problems. From Aryan myiesha and Zehra.

  5. 1: Why was the discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb so important?
    The discovery was so important because Tutankhamun was the most famous pharaoh become one at the age of 8\9.He ruled for 10 years and died at age 18.It also taught us a lot about the living of Ancient Egypt and how the Pharoahs were treated.
    2.What important artefacts did Howard Carter find?
    He found a cane showing that he either broke his leg or he had a spine problem.He also found some shabti which were carved out sculptures of servants to help him in the afterlife.He also had many more items including chariots .

  6. Tutankhamun tomb was important because he was a pharaoh king and everyone followed his instructions. Howard Carter discorded Jewels,gold and diamond

  7. The discovery of Tutankhamen was important because he was the most famous Pharoah in the world and he let people worship their own gods.
    The artefacts that Howard Carter found was a chariot,Pottery vessel and jewlry clothing.

  8. 1. The discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb is so important because, if Howard Carter didn’t discover the tomb we wouldn’t understand Ancient Egypt that well.
    2. Howard Carter discovered, Tutankhamen’s cane which shows that Tutankhamen had a spine problem when he was born.

  9. It was important because they need to learn more about the ancient Egyptians and they did with the help of Howard Carter in 1922 and they also need this in display in the London museum for people to admire it!⚰️🛕

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