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3 Red’s recorder lesson

In 3R children are learning how to play a variety of tunes. They have learnt the notes G, A, B and C and are following musical notation.

Here are some questions for you:

1. How many beats is a minim worth?

2. What can cause squeaking when playing the recorder?

7 thoughts on “3 Red’s recorder lesson

  1. 1 .There are 2 beats .

    2. You will confuse the other people and everything would very bad . If you were performing you would’ve messed everything up and you would be embarrassed.

  2. 1.There are two beats in a minim.

    2.If you squeak and your performing a song and it will let down the song and it will be a disaster and you will let down everyone she in your band.
    It can cause stuff like that you can’t play the recorder probably and you will be told to not squeak.

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