In 3 weeks we will be back at school. We are hoping that the school day will be as near to normal as it was. Further details will follow regarding the school day and all the things we have put in place to ensure children, staff and parents are safe. We will have further instructions from the Local Authority next week.

If  you have any questions please ask and I will endeavour to answer/ find out.  I hope parents who are new to the school will feel reassured by the meetings that have happened and the 1:1 meetings with me.
Please make sure you continue to stay safe and follow the routines regarding regular hand washing.

Take care.

Mrs F

7 responses to “3 weeks to go!”

  1. Zahra A.

    I am so excited 😆

  2. Khadijah M.

    Can’t wait!! I love school

  3. Muhammad R.

    I am so happy

    1. Fareha H.

      I am so happy Thank you.

  4. Keira M.

    I’m so excited.

    1. Head Teacher

      I am excited too!! Stay safe.

      1. Keira M.

        Thank u you too 😁

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